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We know that dental emergencies cannot wait, so we give priority service to cases that require urgent dental service.
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What to do in an Dental Emergency

What to do if the pain appears at night or in the middle of a weekend or holiday? Do not worry if you find yourself in Mallorca. emergency dentistry in Dental Clinic Son Sardina is always the most immediate help in case of toothache at any time of the day, without days off and holidays.Appointments for your dental emergency are available 24 h. You can call our dental emergency phone number and we will receive you at night or on weekend.Always available. Your dentist on call in Mallorca. Dr. Svetlana Fotina.
Urgencias Dentales en Son Sardina

High quality services

In Dr. Svetlana Fotina's Dental Clinic the most modern and reliable equipment is used. The technological capacity of the Clinic and the use of certified diagnostic and treatment technologies allow us to offer all the knowledge and skill, achieving excellent results and long-term forecasts.
Todos los tratamientos de Urgencias Dentales

All Dental Services

Consult your situation to solve it as soon as possible. Professional team are at your disposal
Tecnologia de vanguardia en urgencias dentales en Palma de Mallorca


We use the most advanced technologies and the most modern materials, which guarantee dental treatment without pain and with maximum comfort. We have some of the most advanced technologies in Mallorca.
Clinica Dental con ambiente familiar en Palma de Mallorca

Family atmosphere

The interiors of the Clinic were designed as a unique environment and we are proud of it. Our clients affirm that they feel comfortable and relaxed in our warm interiors and with the familiar atmosphere that characterizes us. The Clinic is located in a quiet and well located area, with comfortable and free parking. With all this we want to give the patients special treatment.
Emergencias Dentales Mallorca

Higly Qualified Dentist

The doctors of Dr. S. Fotina's clinic are certified as high-ranking specialists and constantly update their training with world-renowned experts. The patients of our clinic feel safe in the professional hands and trust our doctors.
Equipamiento de última generación en el sector dental


We are very strict with professional standards and we use the most advanced disinfection and sterilization systems. The first class equipment guarantees a higher level of cleanliness. We compulsorily sterilize all instruments, including high-tech devices and lathes with their accessories.

Some Reviews on Google

Marian Mas

Sunday afternoon it was our salvation, the only dental clinic in Palma that answered the call. We get out of a big hurry, having an important dental emergency of my 9 year old daughter. Upon arrival we receive an excellent and professional treatment. Svetlana is lovely and conveys a lot of confidence.

Victoria Lopez

Thank you very much for helping me during Holy Week. Excellent treatment. When 4 days of toothache await you and they solve it on a good Friday, it is very much appreciated. Link Here

Isla Cyan

Svetlana is a perfect professional dentist, who has saved me from a terrible weekend of dental pain. She attended me even though it was Saturday and doing a course. Very good, 100% recommended! Link Here

Cati Font Blanco

Excellent treatment, you can see the professionalism and the charm of Dr. Svetlana, who has worried in spite of Sunday, for the health of her husband. So, it's nice to go to the dentist!

Claudia R.

A very good professional not only from the point of view of the work he does that is unbeatable and the great training is perceived, but also for the human treatment that is appreciated in certain moments such as the realization of an endodontics. Link Here

Juan Carlos Roberto Diaz

It was a pleasure. Thankssss Link Here

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Time is of the essence in a Dental Emergency

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