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How we understand Dental Urgency

Emergency Dentists treat their patients at the Dental Clinic Son Sardina

If a toothache takes it by surprise and becomes unbearable, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible. The doctor will determine the exact cause of the pain and will immediately help to relieve the pain syndrome , after which the treatment will be carried out in accordance to the diagnosed problem. Toothache relievers ( Ibuprofen and others) may help relieve pain for some time, but they cannot be efficient as a treatment. Less the home remedies for toothache , which can make us lose the moment to seek a professional and safe treatment. Qualified and timely dental treatment is your guarantee to get rid of pain, due to the use of safe anesthesia . If the doctor checks that you have no allergy to anesthetics or other specific body reactions, you will not feel pain during the dental procedure.

The sooner you consult a specialist about your toothache , the more favorable the prognosis of the treatment. In addition, timely elimination of the cause of pain will allow you to avoid the risk of a more complex and expensive treatment in the future.

Our goal is to give perfect patient care and the highest quality care in dentistry. The success of the dental treatment at Dental Clinic Son Sardina is based on the latest technologies, the professionalism of the highly qualified team. Our treatment methods are some of the most advanced in dentistry.

Our clients benefit from all the great advantages of the clinic, one of them is the team of dentists trained in all branches of dentistry, so you will not need to be referred to a different specialist for a treatment specific. All services in one, under the professional control of your personal dentist.

In Dental Clinic Son Sardina we give vital importance to the interests of each patient, so in each case the treatment plan is developed in a personalized and individual way.

Each patient is treated professionally and at the same time in an environment of family comfort.


High quality services

In Dr. Svetlana Fotina's Dental Clinic the most modern and reliable equipment is used, manufactured in Germany, Japan and the United States. The technological capacity of the Clinic and the use of certified diagnostic and treatment technologies allow us to offer all the knowledge and skill, achieving excellent results and long-term forecasts.


Dental equipment

We use the most advanced technologies and the most modern materials, which guarantee dental treatment without pain and with maximum comfort. We have some of the most advanced technologies in Mallorca, such as the dental laser that allows pain-free treatment and allows recovery with unprecedented speed in the sector. The use of the intraoral 3D Scaner allows us to create crowns, bridges, ceramic models and other dental applications quickly and in a very precise way, and to our clients to enjoy the process without any discomfort.


Higly Qualified Dentist

The doctors of Dr. S. Fotina's clinic are certified as high-ranking specialists and constantly update their training with world-renowned experts. The patients of our clinic feel safe in the professional hands and trust our doctors.


Family atmosphere

The interiors of the Clinic were designed as a unique environment and we are proud of it. Our clients affirm that they feel comfortable and relaxed in our warm interiors and with the familiar atmosphere that characterizes us. The Clinic is located in a quiet and well located area, with comfortable and free parking. With all this we want to give the patients special treatment.



We are very strict with professional standards and we use the most advanced disinfection and sterilization systems. The first class equipment guarantees a higher level of cleanliness. We compulsorily sterilize all instruments, including high-tech devices and lathes with their accessories.

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